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December 8, 2012
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Teen Wolf sketch dump part 2 by rainbowpunk10 Teen Wolf sketch dump part 2 by rainbowpunk10
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And more fan art! Inspired by Jana's Gender Swap series.

I have no idea why I like the the gender bend stuff. I think I more like the idea of the real ones meeting their female counter parts and the hilarity that comes with that.

Derek is slowly starting to let me draw him but it's a fight. Fallon is much easier to draw. BOY BODIES STILL GIVE ME ISSUES!

Fallon is in boots due to the fact that most of the ladies in Teen Wolf are wearing boots or strappy numbers. So I went to Macy's and found....bad ass chick boots? Whatever, I just didn't see Fallon in Derek's sneakers.

My head canon is that is if Stiles and f!Stiles met, they would be instant bros, making smart ass remarks and kicking ass with their enchanted bats. Don't judge me.

Forgive the crappy anatomy and the art style that seems all over the place. I was using screen caps for references, trying to get the anatomy down on some of them, while some were done from memory. Buh~

First sketch dump HERE

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